UGA RB Todd Gurley Suspended Indefinitely – Because of Course He Is

UGA RB Todd Gurley Suspended Indefinitely – Because of Course He Is

UGA Todd Gurley Suspended

It never ends for sports fans in the state of Georgia – does it?

Whether it’s Eugene Robinson getting caught with a street-walker the night before the Falcons only Super Bowl appearance or an infield fly rule for the Braves, something terrible always happens to our teams that show any type of potential. So should we really be surprised when the best running back to step on a Georgia football field since Herschel Walker has been suspended for allegedly accepting money for autographs? Probably not. The kick to the stomach that this news brought has become all too familiar for sports fans in the Peach State…

Whether Gurley is found guilty or not, the investigation itself will have a huge impact on a Bulldog team which based its success on their All-American running back’s performance. The best case scenario is that Gurley is lost for only one game – albeit a game that is an extremely important SEC East matchup against Missouri. Worst case scenario? Gurley is found guilty of the allegations, is lost for the season, and sanctions against the UGA program – including the potential forfeiting of games already played – are handed down by the NCAA.

UGA will have to play a terrible and gut wrenching waiting game to find out what happens to Gurley and the program from here. A season that had so much potential could be lost. What shouldn’t be lost through all of this, though, is how much of a joke the NCAA has become. These crooks make millions of dollars off of college football players, then when said players violate the BS rules, the governing body can’t decide whether that player should be punished (A.J. Green) or win a Heisman Trophy (Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel). Usually the decision comes down to whatever will make the NCAA the most amount of money with the least amount of backlash.

Dawg fans are just going to have to hope that Gurley’s violation isn’t bad enough for the NCAA to forgo the cash he will make them by staying on the field…

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  1. Was looking forward to him chasing Herschel, to see how close he could get to the greatest UGA RB. Not to mention what it does to the Heisman race. Here’s to hoping its just for one game…

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